SolGuard Kid Kare SPF 25

Caribbean Solutions SolGuard Kid Kare SPF 25 - 6oz. SolGuard Kid Kare Biodegradable Sunscreen provides the most UVB & UVA protection needed for kids or children. No More Pain! No More Tears! No More Squirming! Not from the littles ones when applying our sunscreen protection, because there are no harsh chemicals, that burn tender skin, in our formula. Use Kid Kare SPF 25 to provide maximum protection for your baby and/or kids. 9% Titanium Dioxide and 3.5% Zinc Oxide in our formula, provide the most protection and Broad Spectrum Protection for your child from harmful UV rays. No nano-technology is used inthe processing of our natural minerals for emulsification.

  • Biodegradable:
  • All Natural:
  • Chemical Free:
  • No Parabens:
  • Reef Friendly:
  • Sunburn Relief:

SolGuard Kid Kare SPF 25 - 6oz

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